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26/04/2018 | Vivita Aloe

In Vivita Aloe we are curious by nature. That curiosity led us to investigate and to know what the first uses of aloe vera throughout history were, and what for. And even it is hard to believe, the use of aloe vera for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes, comes from Egypt of 3,000 BC! Great personalities such as Nefertiti and Cleopatra used it as a cosmetic, protective amulet and venerated it for their spiritual powers.

In Ancient Greece, aloe vera was used fo...

Vivita Aloe
15/03/2018 | Vivita Aloe

About to begin our beloved spring, in Vivita Aloe we want to quickly look back and gather in this post some of the favorite aloe vera products and more acclaimed by our users. Your opinions make us happy, make us grow and improve, get new products and ranges. Among some of these comments, you have highlighted us that the products of Vivita Aloe hydrate perfectly, protect any skin type and give luminosity. In addition, we do not use parabens, dy...

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27/11/2017 | Vivita Aloe

It is a question that we become many. The shelves of supermarkets, pharmacies and herbalists are full of products that supposedly contain aloe vera and promise the improvement or cure of some condition. It seems that this millenary plant heals everything but, what is true? Is all that glitters gold?

There are scientific studies that support the benefits of this plant, although you have to read the ingredients of each product well, to check the quantity and q...

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26/06/2017 | Vivita Aloe

Summer, holidays’ synonymous, high temperatures, sun... is the season where we spend much of our time outdoors and exposed to the sun's rays. Therefore, we must take care and protect our skin before sun exposure with a good sunscreen and then, with some product that gives us the hydration it needs. Aloe vera is THE product. Its properties help you to soothe your skin after sun exposure.

This plant has is well known by this healing and regenerator p...

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17/05/2017 | Vivita Aloe

Aloe has been used since antiquity in traditional medicine in several countries. Many ancient civilizations (Chinese, Hindu, Egyptian, Assyrian, Roman, Greek) have known and used products obtained from aloe with various medicinal purposes, such as laxative, skin protector, in the treatment of sinusitis, gingivitis, fever, convulsions, etc.

The main pharmacological and therapeutic actions of aloe vera are:

1. Wound healing. It is bene...

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20/01/2017 | Vivita Aloe

El Aloe Vera es muy efectivo para el tratamiento de los problemas gástricos en general, para aliviar los ardores o gastritis, la acidez estomacal y  en las ulceras gástricas. El jugo del aloe, es un potente regenerador celular, esto hace que se regeneren las zonas ulcerosas si las hubiera.


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19/01/2017 | Vivita Aloe

El cuidado del cabello puede mejorar mucho usando Aloe Vera, por sus nutrientes (aminoácidos, minerales, capacidad de penetración en el cuero cabelludo, regulación del Ph., eliminación del exceso grasa, regulación de la caspa, etc.…), también puede ayudar a frenar la caída del cabello, no así su completa regeneración, muchas consul...

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18/01/2017 | Vivita Aloe

What is acne?

Acne is a disease that affects the sebaceous glands. These glands are located under the skin. They produce a fatty substance called sebum. The skin´s pores are connected to these glands through a channel called follicle. Inside the follicles, the sebum transports dead skin cells to the surface of the skin until the follicle is covered, then the pimple is formed.

Most pimples are found on the face, neck, back, ch...

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15/01/2017 | Vivita Aloe

La estación invernal maltrata el cutis a veces más que durante el verano. El frío puede causar una deshidratación profunda de los tejidos y los cambios de temperatura y de humedad dificultan el mantenimiento del equilibro de la piel. Esta merece un cuidado especial durante los días fríos para evitar las sensaciones de tirantez, las irritaciones y la sequedad.