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Promotion Canary Islands Aloe Vera Hand Cream

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Ideal for the care of your hands.

It cares, moisturizes and protects your hands.

Formulated with high content of 100% Canarian aloe vera juice from our own organic crops and enriched with Panthenol and Shea Butter.

The excellent regenerative and healing properties of the Aloe, protects your skin and help in the process of regeneration of the dermis.

Panthenol is an asset that helps to prevent vitamin B5 deficiency. It softens the skin and improves its appearance, since thanks to its moisturizing properties, it is absorbed easily into the internal layers of the skin.
Shea Butter protects your skin from aggressive external agents (sunlight, pollution, stress), in order to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.
No greasy effect.

The soft texture and quick absorption leave your hands hydrated, silky and with a pleasant fragrance.

External use. Apply to clean dry hands with a gentle massage until it is completely absorbed.  

Produced with 100% Canarian Aloe Vera, cold-processed.
Free of Parabens, dyes and silicones.

  • Format:
    75 ml
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6,21 €  4,97 €

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